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macclesfield dog walking services

“Once you have

had a wonderful dog,

a life without one, is a

life diminished.”

Dean Koontz

Our Macclesfield Dog Walking Services

Dogs are a massive part of most people's lives and looking after their pets well being is a high priority to most owners.

Being pack animals dogs love being around other dogs and humans and so being left alone for extended periods of time can cause them distress and anxiety not to mention needing to go to the toilet!

Treacle Town Hounds offer a whole range of dog care services in and around Macclesfield from half-hour toilet visits and walks to longer-term sitting. Below are some of the services that we offer dog owners in and around Macclesfield. Dog walking in Tytherington, dog sitting for Upton Priory, dog visits in Bollinbrook, there is a service for all dog owners.

All of our dog services begin with an initial assessment visit that allows us to meet you and your pet and to familiarise ourselves with your requirements. For walking services, your dog must be up to date with all vaccinations.

Read on for a full list of services:

Group Dog Walk Around Macclesfield

Group walks take place with a maximum of four dogs and, providing your dogs recall is good and they are socialised and friendly with other dogs they can take place at a local park or green space in or around Macclesfield and last for 60 minutes.

Group walks offer your dog 'pack time' and your dog will appreciate and look forward to its time out with its doggy friends out and about around Macclesfield.

Again, your dog will enjoy a good walk around Macclesfield, basic obedience command training, plenty of treats and fuss (if you are OK with treats), and a wipe down before they are dropped back home.

Find out more about our Macclesfield group dog walking service and pricing.

Daily Dog Visits In Macclesfield

If you have an elderly dog or nervous dog in Macclesfield that prefers their home comforts rather than walks then we can happily visit them at home to let them out for toilet visits and to provide them with companionship and fun. Visits last for 30 minutes and during that time we can let your dog out, clean them when they come back in, fill or change water and food bowls and give them a lot of fuss and fun. We can visit as many times as required throughout the day /week in and around Macclesfield.

Find out more about our daily Macclesfield dog visiting service and pricing.

Macclesfield Holiday Dog Visits


If you are away on holiday or business and would prefer your dog to stay at home in Macclesfield rather than be in kennels or staying with a dog boarder then we offer a dog holiday visiting service in Macclesfield which includes morning and evening visits and a 60-minute walk at a time to suit. These can be arranged as you wish with a morning and afternoon visit followed by an evening walk or any other combination that fits in with your dogs routine. All visits include bowl filling, cleaning up of any accidents and a lot of fuss.

Find out more about our Macclesfield holiday dog visit packages and pricing

Macclesfield Puppy Visits

A new puppy can be exciting but they do require a lot of care, attention, and input and can be very hard work! If you are in Macclesfield and are out at work during the day, rather than leaving your puppy alone, like dog visits above, we can visit your puppy at times to suit to clean up any accidents, refill bowls, take it out for toilet visits if allowed and to play with and socialise your pet for a full 30 minutes. Depending on age and vaccination status we can also take your puppy out for short walks around Macclesfield if required.

Find out more about our Macclesfield puppy visiting service and pricing

Macclesfield Dog Taxi Service

If your dog needs a trip to the vets in Macclesfield or somewhere slightly further afield to stay with friends or family then we can collect, wait with, and return your pet if you are unable to do so.

Find out more about our Macclesfield dog taxi services and pricing.

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