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"I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through."

Jules Verne

Cat Sitting In Macclesfield

If you are looking for a reliable cat sitter in Macclesfield then we are here to help.

Based in Macclesfield ourselves we offer bespoke, trustworthy & flexible cat sitting services throughout the Macclesfield area to look after your cats when you are unable to look after them yourself.

No one likes to take their pets to a cattery so we offer a cat sitting service that provides an alternative cat care solution for people in and around Macclesfield.

We can visit your cat up to three times a day to provide your cats with everything that they need. We can feed them, let them in our out, play with them and fuss them, give them any required medication and clean up any mess!

Our cat sitting service lasts usually around 20 - 30 minutes and provides your pets with the love, care and fuss that they require whilst they are on their own.

We feel that we are able to provide an outstanding cat sitting service in Macclesfield thanks to many years of experience caring for and looking after cats and kittens ourselves.

So, if you require a trustworthy, experienced and Macclesfield based cat sitter then please call us today to discuss your requirements.

Macclesfield Cat Sitters



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