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"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this".

Terry Pratchett

Our Cat Sitting Services In Macclesfield

Our cat sitting services cover all of the Macclesfield area and we can provide a trustworthy and reliable cat sitting service where we care for your pets whilst you are on holiday, away with work and away from Macclesfield.

Our Macclesfield cat sitting service provides your cats with everything that they require. We will feed them, let them in or out, fuss them, and clean up any little accidents that may occur!

Our Macclesfield cat visits last approximately 30 minutes and provide your cats with the care, interaction, and fuss that they need when you aren't there.

If you are looking for a friendly & caring cat sitting service in Macclesfield then please call us today to discuss your requirements.

macclesfield cat sitters

Macclesfield Cat Sitters

Treacle Town Hounds

07828 980 242

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