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Spring Sprung!

Cole's such a cutie, we can't get enough of that smile!

He's such a good boy in the house and out and about, always getting lots of compliments!

He's a great influence on Bertie and they have so much fun training together.

Little Mitzee said goodbye to her winter sweaters and dug out the spring wardrobe, at last, and we took care of honorary hound, TomTom, for a week while his humans were away for work, which is always fun!

Wooster has been helping Bertie and Cole with their confidence around water, so much so that Cole is now actually the fastest!

Little Daisy is growing up into quite the little beauty and is getting more confident all the time, exploring the big wide world around her!

Someone else who's coming on in leaps and bounds is German Wire-haired pointer, Fergal. 2 years old, super intelligent and keen to learn. We've been helping him get better on the lead and with his recall and his humans are delighted with his progress!

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